Frédéric ARCHE

Market Intelligence and Start-up Program Manager


My name is Frédéric Arché. I’m part of the HomeServe France « Product & Innovation » team.
As a Product Owner, I lead several projects within this team. The last 2 years we focused on AI and Customer Relations with the launch of 2 applications for virtual assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) and the pilot of a Smart IVR.
In addition, I am responsible for Market Intelligence for HomeServe France. This consists of in-depth monitoring of technological developments in our business environment, in order to understand, anticipate and propose changes to our business model, including innovations and new partner approaches (especially with start-ups).
I have worked for HomeServe for 10 years, holding positions as New Products Manager and Project Manager.
Prior to working for HomeServe, I held Marketing roles for a plumbing fixture supplier (Comap – Alberts Industry) and in the world of video games (Atari / In-Fusio).
I am naturally curious and creative, intrapreneur, and highly interested in tech innovation as a facilitator of the user experience.
I am a happy dad of 3 daughters.

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