Technical Lead Conversational

Carrefour – Boticot

Omar MELLOULI is founder of Boticot: an open source NLU toolkit used by Carrefour for multiple virtual assistants.

Omar holds a Software Engineer degree. He started his experience in 2010 in General Electric Healthcare as a Developer. In 2011, he worked for SFR during 3 years as a Developer and a backup of Scrum Master. Then in mai 2014, he worked for 3 years as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach and Developer for several teams at Egencia (Expedia).

Omar has a real interest in conversational domain since mars 2017, he started working as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach and Developer at OuiSNCF (ex Voyages-SNCF), he had the responsibility to facilitate workshops to prepare the roadmap and MVP of OuiBot. He contributed to the development of several features of the project which was a success and the team won the price of Best Robot Experience in France many times. He worked also with Transilien as an Agile Coach/UX Conversationnel to deliver the first version of Tilien Chatbot.

Since 2019, Omar works at Carrefour as a Technical Lead AI & Conversational (Virtual Assistant & Chatbot), he set up a new architecture based on Boticot and he helped to create a new team who works on different projects of virtual assistant and Chatbot at Carrefour.

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